Data Accumulation

Tens of billions of domain name data

11-Year global PDNS data accumulation

21-Year global Whois data accumulation

Millions of malicious samples are daily added

Millions of high-fidelity IOC intelligence

4.2 billion global IP reputation and labels

More than 200+ global APT groups tracking

1-Minute intelligence update

Typical Scenarios

Threat discovery and compromise detection for office network hosts / production networks and DMZ servers.

    Threat detection cooperates with internal SOC/SIEM big data platforms or analysis logs from security devices such as WAF/IPS/NGFW.

      Risk identification of external IP of applications or services that are accessible over public networks, such as web, mail and SSH.

        Quickly discover assets and their changes with the extension of domains and IP addresses. Timely reduce the assets' attack surface, resultant risks of data leakage and service exposure.

          Correlation analysis of internal and external security incidents.

            Analysis of suspicious files/processes on endpoints/servers for identification of malicious programs.

              API Capabilities

              Basic Analysis API
              Advanced Query API

              IP Detection Capability

              IP analysisIP reputationCompromise detection

              Domain Name Detection Capability

              Domain analysisCompromise detection

              File Analysis Capability

              File analysisFile reputation reportAnti-virus engine detection

              URL Analysis Capability

              URL analysisURL reputation report

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