Core Capabilities

Comprehensively and deeply detect file threats, discover unknown threats in minutes

Detection with multiscanning

  • We have integrated 20+ top Anti-Virus engines and 4 self-developed engines, which can efficiently detect 20 categories of threats, like ransomware, 1,000+ malware families and dozens of active APT groups.

Scene-based detection

  • We have carried out one-stop detection to strengthen detection and analysis capabilities for specific scenarios, such as major events protection, Emails and APTs, especially CobaltStrike, which the most commonly used in major events protection.

Hybrid analysis

  • Support advanced search and graph analysis, based on 30+ advanced search parameters and 8 kinds of visual relationship, can easily and quickly perform relationships analysis and threat hunting.

Static analysis

  • Self-developed static parser engine, supports the identification of 10,000+ file formats, can in-depth parse 30+ common formats, extract malware configuration, and parse the static behavior of executable files.

Dynamic analysis

  • Integrate advanced analysis modules such as simulated interaction, anti-sandbox confrontation, kernel-level analysis, HTTPS traffic decryption, etc., based on 1,000+ high quality behavioral signatures to fine-grained display of malware behaviors.

URL analysis

  • Support analysis and detection of the URL itself and its response, based on the 10+ URL detection engines, AI-based phishing detection model and dynamic analysis systems to efficiently detect various malicious URLs.

Product Advantages

Superior Identification

The accuracy of identification is up to 99.99%.

Unknown Threat Discovery

The first detection rate of unknown threat is over 21.2%

Specific Malware Detection

The detection rate of CobaltStrike is up to 98%.

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